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who wants to play it can play it

Island Simulator 2016 is now available on Steam !

why cant u let every one play it


I wonder how old you are...

how do we get full version

Full version will be available tu buy on Steam soon. You can vote for us on Steam Greenlight. We need more yes votes to get greenlight and be on Steam store page.

You can help us here:

hey man i come from a family without much money and i really enjoyed playing it (i played it before i had an account) and would like if u could give me a full version on steam for free. p.s. i loved this game and this would mean the world to me

Island Simulator 2016 is now available on Steam !


Thanks for fixing! I can find two guns and some chicken now. Did I miss a lot?


Its only demo version of this game, in full version you can teleport to other islands and you will have full access to this island. In demo version all you want to do is enjoy the views from the top of this mountain. On this friday we will upload new demo version in which you will be able to explore this island and you will choose betwean 2 types of island.


when can you get the horror pack

Island Simulator 2016 is now available on Steam !

This demo seems to be out of date or I launched it incorrectly?

Yes i see this problem. We will fix this soon. Thank you for your report.

Ok, we fixed this problem. Please tell us if you have still problems with running this game. Again thank you for report this issues.